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Thursday, August 31, 2017

How do we know that the Four Noble Worlds exist since they are not seen in the face?

"When we look from time to time at a person's face, we find him sometimes joyful, sometimes enraged, and sometimes calm. At times greed appears in the person's face, at times foolishness, and at times perversity. Rage is the world of Hell, greed is that of Hunger, foolishness is that of Animality, perversity is that of Anger, joy is that of Rapture, and calmness is that of Humanity. These worlds, the six paths, are present in the physical appearance of the person's face. The remaining four noble worlds are hidden and dormant and do not appear in the face, but if we search carefully, we can tell that they are there." -- The True Object of Worship

Question How then can we tell that the Four Noble Worlds are present?

Answer: Through the noble human behaviors of honesty, kindness, compassion, mercy, justice, forbearance, magnanimity, and protecting the teachings we can tell that the Noble Worlds are manifest. SGI leaders fail on all counts. 

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