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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Two translations of a passage

Kempon Hokke translation:

“This earthly world is the eternal pure land, unaffected by the three calamities and the four cycles of change. In this world, the Buddha transcends birth and death, and his disciples are also such. This is no other than the three thousand worlds, the three realms of existence within our very own being.”

SGI translation:

“The saha world Shakyamuni Buddha revealed in the “Life Span” chapter is the eternal pure land, impervious to the three calamities and to the cycle of the four kalpas. The Buddha neither has entered into extinction in the past nor will be born in the future. And the same is true of his disciples. This means that their lives are perfectly endowed with the three thousand worlds, that is, with the three realms of existence.”


  1. hs ha....sgi are such fools. "to be praised by a fool is a disgrace."

  2. "and his disciples are also such"--
    "And the same is true of his disciples"--

    Disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha have one teacher to follow, the foremost votary of the Lotus sutra, Nichiren.

    Which "Nichiren" sect can demonstrate the authenticity of their teachings using the standards for academic research?

    Which Nichiren sect has leaders who can translate medieval Japanese and Classical Chinese, the languages Nichiren used?

    The answer to the first question is: "None" and the answer to the second question is "there is no evidence that such scholarly expertise exists in either sect"--

    Last Question :

    Which Nichiren sect claims to be the sole heir of Nichiren's correct teachings?

    Answer: They ALL make this claim !!

    Go figure----


    1. no sects can honestly discuss the buddhas law, however,

      there are the few.... as predicted by the teacher of the lotus sutra(myoho renge kyo)