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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Buying Respect for Ikeda a damning post by Barbara O'Brien with commentary by high level SGI leaders

This post, lately, is surpassing the number one most viewed post, The Definitive Analysis on Why SGI is a Cult [author unknown],

Feel free to comment as have many scores of people. I may even source any and all materials to which you have questions. In fact, anything on this blog which I can not source, I will remove (except, of course, any original material I have posted).


  1. Was there all along -/ evidence that Ikeda is a legend only in the $$minds of SGIs propaganda mill!!

    Just as it is important to note “ peer reviewed” scholarly articles before giving credence to a single author , it is smart to note what , if anything , is published about “ your hero “ by those you appear to be honoring him !

    ~ Katie

  2. Replies
    1. “snakes know the way of snakes”=SGI ‼️

      ~ Katie

    2. indeed, and skunks marry skunks and give birth to other skunks ! = sgi who's true nature in america is just more confused christians who lost their minds and elected the devil. not much different in japan.

      indeed, as predicted...the preparatory teachings have become no more than pretty poison ! America should truly be concerned about the nation. sgi goes no higher than mid-level buddhism = christianity and has/will ruin the nation. sgi/nst are dead in the water....however, as america has proved...big money goes a long way in the latter age. = we have met the enemy, and he is us !

      those who strive for correct faith have nothing to fear. the rest should be very afraid !