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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Why not work to change SGI from within?

It is futile. All significant changes in SGI come from above. Try to change the distribution of Nichikan Gohonzon to Nichiren Gohonzon. Try to change Nam Myoho renge kyo to Namu Myoho renge kyo. But if mentor says "change" [regarding anything big or small], it's changed within a day. Another reason not to work to change SGI from within is that Nichiren teaches, "do not associate with slanderers."


  1. yeah ...its called gakkai trickery. they have been saying this since 1968 and no one has ben able to change anything worthwhile. ask romero or any of the IRG. ask anyone !

    1. its not leaders that make the members slander , it is the people who have been slanderers for lifetime after lifetime.

      both shakyamuni and nichiren taught one thought.........FAITH IN THE LOTUS SUTRA........PERIOD !

    2. This means if you don't understand something about the teachings..too bad, through faith, soon u will understand

  2. Over at Redditsgiwhistleblowers new info on Italy's Independent Reassessment Group being utterly quashed by SGI Japan, similarly to USA's and England's Reassessment Groups. SGI rules witj an Iron fist.