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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Yay, us!"? - SGI Leader

"Wow... I'm sorry you've had bad experiences with SGI members. I know in the past we were more intolerant of other sects because our roots are in the teachings of a 13th century Buddhist reformer, Nichiren Daishonin. He had little tolerance for priests claiming to be Buddhists, but using their power to stifle people. He felt the power of Buddhism had been corrupted and enlightenment was accessible to all people. He's rather hardcore in his message. Things have changed since we broke away from our priesthood. We're even invited to play with other Buddhists at International Conferences these days. Yay, us!" -- SGI leader


  1. SGI members, let alone leaders, never reflect that today is even more corrupt than the Kamakura Era and Nichiren was teaching us how to properly practice the Lotus Sutra with the same faith as he.

  2. Sgi are mostly people who judge like fundamentalist christians. Nasty lot

  3. Its hard to go to an sgi meeting. Japan is just trashed. Ikeda is no buddha. Peoples lives ruined by a cult. People financially ruined