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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Erase it from your mind. Sensei says so.

"The Dai-Gohonzon of the high sanctuary of true Buddhism at the Nichiren Shoshu head temple, Taiseki-ji, is the basis of all Gohonzons. The Gohonzon, which we are allowed to recieve so that we can pray in our own homes, can be inscribed only by one of the successive high priests who inherit the true lineage of Nichiren Shoshu." Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism in Action, vol. 1, pg. 21

"It goes without saying that our Soka Gakkai is an organization of Nichiren Shoshu believers. Therefore, worshipping the Dai-Gohonzon and serving the high priest is the fundamental spirit of the Gakkai." Daisaku Ikeda, Inaugural address of president Ikeda, 1960

"The basis of Nichiren Shoshu is the Lifeblood recieved only by a single person. To faithfully follow the High Priest of the bequethal of the Lifeblood is the correct way for priests and lay believers. If one is mistaken about this single point, then everything will become insane." Daisaku Ikeda, Discussing Kosen-rufu and Human Life, Vol. 3, p. 32

"Needless to say, the Dai-Gohonzon of the high sanctuary inscribed for all mankind is the most fundamental basis of the movement for the Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai [they have since changed the name to SGI]. The Dai-Gohonzon has been preserved and handed down within Nichiren Shoshu from the founder, Nichiren Daishonin, to his successor, Nikko Shonin, and then to the third high priest, Nichimoku Shonin, up to the present 67th high priest, Nikken Shonin. I hope, therefore, that we will courageously dedicate ourselves to studying Nichiren Daishonin's teachings in order to deepen our faith and to propagation true Buddhism in each country or community, as we follow the high priest's guidance, and respect the traditions and doctrines of Nichiren Shoshu." Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism in Action, vol 1, p 33

"We conduct the third prayer to express our deepest appreciation to Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law. In this third silent prayer, we also offer our gratitude to Nikko Shonin, the second high priest and the fouder of Taisekiji. Further, we offer our appreciation to the third high priest, Nichimoku Shonin, and all the successive high priests of Nichiren Shoshu, each of whom transmitted the heritage of the Law to the next. Presently, as you know, the 67th high priest, Nikken Shonin, has inherited the Law. Now he is the master of true Buddhism." Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism in action, vol 1, p 107

"...we must protect and transmit the essence of the traditions and doctrines that have been continually protected for over 700 years, since the time of the Daishonin. I am concerned that unless we make this our basis, that no matter how much we temporarily increase in power, we would be unable to avoid the criticism of future generations that our Kosen-rufu was a sham." Daisaku Ikeda, Daibyaku Renge, No. 333, p. 13

"That which forms the basis of Nichiren Shoshu is the Lifeblood. With the Dai-Gohonzon as the basis, the successive High Priests alone recieve and inherit this Lifeblood, and preserve it eternally." Daisaku Ikeda, Discussing Kosen-rufu and Human Life, Vol. 3, p. 256

"The Great Pure Law of the Latter day of the Law is transmitted by the successive High Priests of the bequethal of the lifeblood of the Law recieved by only a single person, and they inscribe the Gohonzon for us believers from that standpoint." Daisaku Ikeda, Discussing Kosen-rufu and Human Life, Vol. 4, p. 6 

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  1. We keep the truth alive for future generations. No matter how SGI tries to quach the written history with all their billions of dollars, it can't happen as long as the Teachings exist.