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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I heard this on Glen Beck today...

...arguing the point made by Obama about raising taxes on the rich, "how much gourmet food can one eat and how big a house is sufficient for one to live in." Glen Beck asserted that someone like John Paul Getty was a superior human being because he invented the Supertanker and put so many people to work.  My counterargument is that Marie Antoinette also put thousands of people to work. They worked tirelessly for the Queen and when they demanded bread, she stated, "let them eat cake".  Many rich people today feel the same as Marie Antoinette towards those who are less fortunate. In the not so distant future, I fear for these greedy ones like Glen Beck. More proof that there is no empathy in the life of many Christians. 


  1. My Medicaid patients, for example, are really hurting. I used to be able to get a referral for this or that, some expensive and not so expensive testing, such as MRI's in a week or two. Now, a majority of their testing is delayed or outright rejected. Likewise for superior more expensive pharmaceuticals and procedures. Sure, there are some patients who gained the system but the vast majority are physically or mentally disabled.

  2. Sgi, fundamentalist christians, violent moslems suck. Mostly, religion is used for evil. Sgi is totally screwing over japan. Hard to believe but, it is true.

  3. 2 relatives coming here because of it

  4. Many people really hate sgi in Japan now. If any americans have any idea, they shun sgi. Many people in sgi, in america, quitting. The jig is up! They know Ikeda is dead. They know SGI in Japan are criminals. They know SGI in Japan are holding Japan Hostage!

    1. Truly, I am grateful. Hope they continue to chant Namu Myoho renge kyo

  5. Many Japanese in america in SGI, quitting that is. Especially fortune babies. SGI, Komeito are so sick. Psychotic