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Saturday, July 7, 2018

"In my humble opinion" -- Katie

"How interesting that it is precisely those unique qualities displayed by Shakyamuni Buddha that are also uniquely suited to our needs-- as living beings in the saha world. 

"“There are three reasons why Shakyamuni Buddha rather than any of the other Buddhas has a relationship with all the people of the world of the saha world. First of all, he is the World Honored One, the soverign of all the people of this saha world…

The second reason is that Shakyamuni Buddha is the father and mother of all the persons in the saha world. It is proper that we should first of all pay filial respect to our own father and mother…

The third reason is that Shakyamuni is the original teacher of all persons in the saha world.” (Ibid, pgs 65-66)

"“These, then, are the special qualities possesed by Shakyamuni Buddha, qualities that the other Buddhas lack,” (Ibid, pg 68)

How many times did Shakyamuni demonstrate that laying down one's life for the sake of the Law- was like trading rocks for gold? Does this not distinguish his teaching/practices from all other Buddhas? Didn't ALL other Buddhas show him the highest respect with their presence and praise when Shakyamuni preached the Lotus Sutra? IF all Buddhas, including Shakyamuni were emanations of some "other" primordial, divine entity, their testimony to Shakyamuni's eminence would have been inappropriate - false, and slander of this *other entity*--

It is this one Buddha, Shakyamuni who used the Wonderful Law that he became enlightened to, for the specific purpose of rescuing and protecting ALL living beings in the saha world-- having made this world his domain and adopting us all as his children.

In my humble opinion if we miss, discount the significance of the One Buddha, the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni , we cannot attain Buddhahood. I think Mark has once again demonstrated that Nichiren spared no effort to teach this "second most important Doctrine" -- We have Nichiren's writings and the full account of his life- his * bodily reading of the Lotus sutra".

Only if we practice as Nichiren did can we become fully enlightened to this wonderful Law-- the true entity of all phenomena-- Until then, all discussions absent Myoho-renge-Kyo-- are idle chatter. 

In my humble opinion"


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