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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Are Nichiren Shu priests kings of the Law?

"In my own experience I have had friendly conversation with SGI leaders (even paid staff – though these were strictly unofficial off the record informal talks), I have been lent the use of a Nipponzan Myohoji Temple, Nichiren Shu ministers often have meetings with and dialogues with their counterparts in the other schools, Theravadin monks often visit Nichiren Shu temples and facilities and vice versa for the sake of learning and Buddhist solidarity, and in fact at the meeting I just attended in Tokyo at Nichiren Shu’s home office, a Christian minister (Swedenbourgian) gave an all day seminar on pastoral counseling for the Nichiren Shu ministers interested in pursuing that.”

What kind of kings of the Law are "Nichiren" Shu priests who consult a Christian minister to find out how to “minister” to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth? They are frauds.

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