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Monday, August 6, 2018

Fantastic SGI experience: "How to get out" (SGIwhistleblowers)

I just found this site, as in one hour ago. Thank you for all of your posts! I say one hour, because I couldn’t stop reading all of the posts:-)! I am the typical story, joined SGI-Because of Japanese spouse. I can share over 17 years of posts, would be redundant. Happy to share, but just concerned for my kids, want them OUT OF THIS! I can count on one hand, the persons I’ve met in all this time who are even remotely qualified or have any training to be talking to a child about religion or philosophy of life. Yet The majority of the districts are comprised of people with very questionable, often times shady back-grounds, have a zero training, and are going to speak tomy kids and give advice?!?!?!? The running joke for a literally hundreds of us who have joined from a different religion is: “Would you like to see how not to act like a Buddha? Just go to a leaders meeting or join a district!” I’ve never seen more people fight and squabble about the most childish things, I’ve been using it to teach my daughter how not to act. I’ve never seen anyone ‘change’ and become happy, All were happier prior to joining. My spouse oblivious to this. Did anyone need to get an attorney - take legal action? How to back them off, get out as quickly and smoothly as possible? Thanks in advance!

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