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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Questions for leaders on the SGI Chanting [pot] Growers Group

Does everyone smoke a bone before the meeting? Is it required or is it optional? Do you burn incense before the Gohonzon or weed? Does President Ikeda supply snacks for post meeting munchies? Instead of evergreens do you offer fresh cut Sensimilla? Do you have a picture of Daisaku Ikeda or Cheech and Chong on the altar? Do you use Gohonzon water in your bongs? Is everyone’s favorite experience when you chanted long and hard and finally succeeded in finding a rare female marijuana seed? Do you offer marijuana brownies to the Gohonzon? When Danny Nagashima comes to your meetings does he become even more loud and boisterous after a few tokes or does he mellow out?

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