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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Anonymous comments on Fukushima and the Komeito

"Abe, Komeito, LDP are opening dangerous reactors on fault lines. They are pushing the Rokkasho mox plant. If rokkasho explodes it will destroy half of asia and the usa. These stupid bastards are greedy, apocolyptic devils, not buddhists.
Rokkasho death wish:

It is amazing, that the Japanese people allow the LDP and Komeito, to stay in power. The amount of contamination in most of Japan from the three fukushima daiichi nuclear reactor explosions , can be extrapolated from Marco Kaltofen's data. The contamination is worse than that faced by the most elite Chernobyl- russian scientists and soldiers, closest to the elephant foot. 

There were thousands of them. They all died within 5-seven years after an average 6 months to a year exposure. 

Let us look at areas of Tokyo and Yokohama, that have as much or more than 300 bq/kg radioactive, cesium contaminations. Places where it is ubiquitous. 

6 months in most of northwest and central Japan, will insure a terrible death in 5-7 years. Japan is a land of half ghosts. Perhaps that is why they are so crazy and stupid, as to let the same criminals, stay in power. The same criminals, who allow and persue these dirty deeds.

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