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Monday, September 10, 2018

Most incredible experience ever? by a Japanese Soka Gakkai psychiatrist

Translated and edited by me as best as I could from

IMPORTANT. an article on MENTAL DISEASES generated by PRATICA SOKA. Written by the excapo of the special sector in the SG, as he explains himself ... I will post a link with the source below .. "Shocked from the high level of mental disorders among the members of the Soka Gakkai" THE DETECTOR, UNEXPECTED REPORT OF A PSYCHIATRY MEMBER OF SOKA GAKKAI. 

"I have conducted many medical examinations and treatments as a psychiatrist, on members of the Soka Gakkai. There Most of the patients who came to see me undergo treatment at the suggestion of the their managers. I myself was an enthusiastic member of the Soka Gakkai and dedicated to Soka's activities, and I stayed shocked by the high percentage and high level of mental disorder among the members of SokaGakkai, the most of which are affected by "depressive disorder". Those who enthusiastically dedicate themselves to the activities of the Soka Gakkai tend to develop this depressive disorder, and most of them could not be cured; indeed, their conditions they got worse by the day. Therefore, this has been a natural consequence for me, abandon the Soka Gakkai in my heart, and not only me but also many psychiatrists of Soka Gakkai they felt the same way in their hearts, even if they never mentioned them publicly. As for the children, it is a commonly accepted theory among psychiatrists that more than 50% of the children who come to a pediatric consultation center come from Soka families Gakkai: There is a very credible opinion that Soka Gakkai families spend less time with their children what other families spend, because of the activities of the Soka Gakkai - which creates the tendency for their children to become delinquents at a young age. The risk of the criminal trend youth among the children of those responsible for the Soka Gakkai seems established, and we have seen it happen himself here in the Soka Gakkai USA, where Guy McCloskey's son, one of the leaders at the summit, was known as "a non-racist skinhead", and this certainly did not make a good impression ... but that although his parents were not worried at all, not even when his son had a party at home them, where he was also shed of blood among his guests while his parents were out of town for the weekend. George McCloskey was saying that his son Sonny had finally got back in line and was stayingbeginning to live like a normal human being ... but right then, Sonny stayed killed in a motorcycle accident, I think he was 28; and this says a lot about "protection of the Mystic Law "...! In the same way, they have been identified in the sons of the Soka leaders Gakkai very high risks of panic attacks of an anthropophobic type (ie social phobia) and of type disorder obsessive-compulsive and personality disorders ... and this should also say a lot about it "Luck" that the members of the Gakkai say that it touches a "baby fortune", ie a "baby born in the fortune ": a son of members of the Gakkai. We psychiatrists regularly visit the Soka Gakkai Headquarters, located at Shinanomachi, Tokyo; but simply because there are many mental disorders in the Soka staff Gakkai and their families. We seem to find ourselves in a mental clinic, at the headquarters of the Soka Gakkai, but we can not prescribe them because it's against the law - let's just do it counseling therapy, but if we were to give them medicine, permission from the Tokyo Town Hall; and the Soka Gakkai does not want this, because they have to save appearances because religious organization. There was a woman suffering from depression, and all the members of her family were very enthusiastic that she was responsible for the Young Women summit in her area of ​​residence. However, this manager afflicted by depression thought: "It is because of the fact that I do not have enough faith in the Soka Gakkai ... So my faith is put to the test "... Then there arose in her a strong desire for death. I can affirm that severe depression is the incessant suffering for thepatient, because she was one of the victims of the Soka Gakkai cult - unfortunately, this is the effect the teaching of Soka Gakkai: that is, the teaching of "taking full responsibility" of what it happens to us ... while at the same time we have no power and no control over what is there It happens. And therefore, this contradiction triggers depression. Since then, I have stopped doing gongyo and shoday at the Soka Gakkai gohonzon, and after stopped I discovered that my depression healed after just three weeks. I have never tried a similar wellness! The former president of Soka Gakkai, Josei Toda, often said: "You can cure any one sickness in Nichiren Shoshu's gohonzon "... but I would add:" ... unless you do not you call yourself Toda and your illness is not alcoholism, of course. " These words of President Toda gradually lost significance after Daisaku Ikeda became president of SokaGakkai.

But all this is ridiculous! And so Toda says that you can cure any kind of disease, right? Well, sir Toda, she perhaps had a "heretical liver" - was this perhaps the problem? And tell me: why did you die? young because of his alcoholism? It may have been because of his deficient practice, missing from something, no ...? And therefore: why someone should follow it, if this practice has not been enough even for her? I would therefore say that these words had no meaning from the beginning. One of the symptoms is a high level of mental disorder among the members: we psychiatrists of Soka Gakkai we have recognized this type of mental disorder especially among those responsible, as well as in the vice presidents since 1975, but I have to say that this kind of mental disorders are by far increased in the Soka Gakkai since the distribution of the false gohonzons. So, about 20 years ago Soka Gakkai's director of the medical division came to see me and said, "I am deeply in trouble, because many members suffer from mental disorders ": at the time it seemed almost to be complaining to me, however it is not such a person but a very sincere person and a member very active. Returning to that responsible Young Women of the Gakkai who had suicidal tendencies, I remember that a few years ago I tried to publish a book about her, and I contacted several publishers, but none of them accepted to publish it, because there was talk of the Soka Gakkai. Fortunately, this woman and her husband they later discovered, through the Internet, the fact that Soka Gakkai's gohonzon is false and they migrated to Nichiren Shoshu. However these disorders are really increasing in exponential manner after the distribution of the false gohonon, and especially the depressive disorder is officially recognized: there are many second and third generation Gakkai students because of this they had to leave the university or college, and this mess can be observed of more among the young members who join the Gakkai now. In my case, I can now testify this, since I am their family doctor myself: the patients who killed themselves were all members of the Soka Gakkai."

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  1. Its even worse now. Worse in murica too for sgi and all the other monkeys. Japan is a dead country. Poisoned to death. 3 years at most. Same for murica