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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Steamed rice cakes or stock transfers and real estate holdiings?

"YOU have taken the trouble to have your messenger bring ninety pieces of rice cake and fifty yams from Ueno Village in Fuji District of Suruga Province, to this cave on Mount Minobu in the village of Hakiri in Kai Province at the hour of the sheep [1:00–3:00 p.m.] on the third day of the New Year.

At the seaside, wood is regarded as a treasure, and in the mountains, salt. In a drought, water is thought of as a treasure, and in the darkness, a lamp. Women see their husbands as their treasures, and men look upon their wives as their very lives. A king sees his people as his parents, and the people see their food as Heaven.

Over these last two or three years a great plague has raged in Japan and perhaps half the population have lost their lives. Moreover, since the seventh month of last year, due to a terrible famine, people who have no relations and live far from human habitation, and priests living deep in the mountains, have been finding it hard to sustain their lives. Furthermore, I, Nichiren, have been born in a country that slanders the Lotus Sutra and am like Bodhisattva Never Disparaging in the latter age of the Law of Awesome Sound King Buddha. Or I am like the monk Realization of Virtue in the latter age of Joy Increasing Buddha. 

The ruler detests me and the people hate me. My clothing is thin and food scarce. Padded cotton clothing seems like brocade, and greens I think of as sweet dew.

Moreover, since the eleventh month of last year, the snow has piled up and cut off the mountain path. Though the New Year has arrived, the cry of birds comes my way, but no visitors. Just when I was feeling forlorn, thinking that if not a friend, then who would visit me here, during the first three celebratory days of the New Year your ninety steamed rice cakes appeared, looking like the full moon. My mind has brightened and the darkness of life and death will lift, I am sure. How admirable of you, how admirable!

It is said that Ueno, your deceased father, was a man of feeling. Since you are his son, perhaps you have inherited the outstanding qualities of his character. Blue dye is bluer even than indigo itself, and ice is colder than water. How wonderful it is, how wonderful!

With my deep respect,
The third day of the New Year
Reply to Ueno

Twelve dollars initial down payment for an SGI no-Honzon and then a comprehensive SGI Sustaining Contribution plan followed by Planned Giving [stealing of your children's estate]. Stock transfers and real estate preferred.


  1. Japan is at the edge of failure. I have seen and experienced what they are going through in the Ukraine and Nevada.
    The Brunswig Rectors could be in meltdown, after Florence.
    I pray those people are ok.
    I know what it is like, to be exposed, to high amounts of radionuclide poisons.
    My three friends from high school, who were badly effected.
    I think of people, within 200 mile of f
    Fukushima. I think they are a lot worse off than the people in Chernobyls downwind-path.
    Makes me so sad. So many of my relatives and friends gone.

    My friends from the Ukraine who got cancer. Whose children , have had such severe problems.
    People whose children were effected in Utah, Nevada, Arizona. In the west USA. SAME IN japan.
    What Extreme criminality and insanity, this whole nuclear business is!

    Nuclear is the worst curse possible for these people, and so many more!