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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Land of Eternally Tranquil Light

"Our teacher said: 'Differing thoughts" indicates disbelief. When thoughts of disbelief arise in our mind, we should at once dwell in the mind of faith.' The point is that one should not make the mind of disbelief one's teacher, but rather, take the mind of faith as one's teacher. With a pure mind and believing reverence, one should cultivate the practice of the Lotus Sutra. Thus in the phrase 'is able to uphold this sutra' or "is able to preach this sutra,' the Buddha stressed the words: 'is able to.' Herein lies Eagle Peak. That is the meaning of the passage, 'The four kinds of lands exist in the single thought-moment; all are [the Land of] Eternally Tranquil Light.'". -- Niko Shonin

"[They will be] secure and peaceful in their present life and will later be born in a good place." (33) [STN 3:2566-67]

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