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Saturday, September 22, 2018

What do you think?

"Hi Mark , I appreciate all your hard work for some years on this blog and found it reassuring when I had left the S.G.I some years ago. I have come to realise that trying to persuade members to leave is very hard because of several factors. People are complex and they may enter an organisation for various reasons. One of them is to be part of a movement and to have others agreeing on most points that are being taught. These are very strong motivations as we, as a species have survived through being members of tribes and groups in the past. Only those who really desire to know the truth can be appealed to this way. This is why I believe you should make more emphasis on the Lotus sutra and experiences of those following what it says . It would be great for people to give their experiences of how this had changed their lives. I am in the best position to do this having practiced as strongly as I could within the organisation and now on my own with the Lotus sutra and chanting Namu myo ho renge kyo. The only way I can describe the difference is that when I was with the Sgi it felt as if I was in a firing range with my karma coming at me thick and fast. What kept me going was the thought I was this hose pipe full of dirt and it had to be flushed through. The only thing I can say about that now is how could I tell the difference from doing a slanderous practice or getting rid of my karma. Now I find that everyday is a great adventure as I start to understand what is causing me suffering and I can get to change it almost immediately. When I was in the organisation it seemed as if I may have an insight but then with no means to change it. The Lotus Sutra has proved to me over and over again as the true medicine for all suffering. Also I come to realize all this emphasis on chanting for benefits is just a way to appeal to people as they usually in some sort of hunger state . What I have noticed now is I hardly chant for anything as I believe the real goal is our enlightenment. And strangely while concentrating on the true purpose of the Lotus sutra and chanting, material problems sort themselves out eventually. All I know is I can only compare to what I use to be like to what I am now and I can see how there has been a gradual but lasting improvement. So I think people maybe more interested in hearing of what studying the Lotus Sutra has done to change their life. I look upon being in the SGI like having been an alcoholic, although when you leave there is some merit in keeping away from the bottle,. However in some strange way you are still being controlled by the bottle when you revolve around not taking it. We need to really study the Lotus Sutra in our native language as it is hard to understand. We are told this within the text. So yours and other peoples thoughts and experiences on reading the Lotus Sutra would be helpful. This is how I feel after reading your blog for a few years . -- Lady Nichimyo

Thanks for your comment. I feel that I must defend my words and actions to a small extent. Where else have the readers come upon the Twenty Benefits of the Lotus Sutra? Where else do we find a defense and refutation of the notion that the Lotus Sutra has lost its power in this Latter Age? Nearly every day, I post pertinent Gosho passages. Most importantly, Nichiren states that confronting slander is the most important practice in this muddled age. Nichiren also teaches that the very worst slander is perpetrated by those who espouse a similar faith and practice without being the faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren. Therefore, Nichiren spent a considerable time refuting Mikkyo (Tientai/Shingon) and stated that this was the worst slander all, far worse than even Pure Land and True Word. In like manner, at this time, it is Soka Gakkai, Nichiren Shoshu, Nichiren Shu, and HBS who are the worst perpetrators. 

I don't expect all my readers to practice shakubuku. I have repeated over, and over that for most laymen, shoju is the correct practice as long as those who practice shoju, support the priests and laymen who practice shakubuku. 

Nevertheless, I will post more thoughts (Nichiren's and others) on the Lotus Sutra and its benefits. Why don't you supply us with such teachings including your practice. Short or long  commentaries are welcome. I will post them all.

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