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Sunday, September 16, 2018

"You have so much pain and not a penny ???" -- reality of Soka benefit

"In Kansas, I met a woman who was a long-time member. I think she lived in Colorado. On the way to an SGI activity, in a bend, approaching an intersection, a driver hit his car. 

As a result of this accident, his skull was fractured in seven locations. Given all the teachings (gosho) on how "those who slander the Lotus Sutra will have their heads broken into seven pieces" (it's written on the gohonzon, even if it's not Buddhist !!), she was anxious about what she had to do in a previous life. 

In addition, his lower jaw had become porous like chalk and had to be removed. She has been replaced by one of her ribs. The place where the coast had been removed continually irritated him.

She was very beautiful before, this episode completely changed her appearance. She sued the driver, the court ruled she was fine (she was just shocked), and there was no way the accident could have caused all of this. 

She appealed and lost. 

She told me that during the visit of a delegation of visitors from Kansai (Japanese province); she met one of them for a directive. She told him his story, he jumped. "You have so much pain and not a penny ???" 

All the while, she was in such a state that she could only practice and participate in a few activities. Even so, she always tried to shakubuku every person she met!

The last call failed. No compensation, nothing. She is often bedridden. All this because of a simple collision on the way of a SGI activity."

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