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Sunday, October 28, 2018

SGI families are often dysfunctional

Sandra and Dick Gauer [the parents of SGI-USA National Youth Division leader Nathan Gauer] were top SGI leaders. They were always giving guidance about how to sustain healthy relationships. You guessed it, they divorced after 20 years. The rumors were flying and not one word of contrition from either one for citing themselves as perfect examples of matrimonial bliss thanks to the SGI teachings. Since there is no moral compass in the Soka Gakkai because of their reliance on expedient means and ends justifying the means, there is more adultery and abuse in the Soka Gakkai than in the general population. 

Another reason for failed marriages in the Soka Gakkai is the incessant activities and the divisional system which forces husbands and wives apart. The kids too suffer tremendously and in my experience, SGI families are often dysfunctional. Many SGI children have clinical depression and a problem with addiction.

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