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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Soka Gakkai cult-speak translated

"Isn't Joe Shmoe leader GREAT!" = Act like him or her 

"Ichinen" = Bust your butt for SGI 

"A true disciple of Sensei" -- An absolute unabashed Ikedabot 

"What would Sensei do" -- Don't think for yourself 

"Victory or defeat. Buddhism is win or lose." = Bust your butt for SGI 

"Follow no matter what" -- No interpretation necessary

"He or she has a strong connection" [to Ikeda/SGI] = good and brainwashed follower 

"He/she has strong faith" = strong faith in the gakkai and Ikeda

"Raise capable people" = raise Ikedabots programmed well enough to recruit other Ikedabots.

"Maintain a high life condition." = Act as if you are delighted with everything SGI, even if you're not. 

"Be the change you wish to see (in SGI)" = Don't expect us to change - if you don't love the organization, you have a bad attitude and you need to change; shut up.

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