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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Soka Gakkai's currency of the ego

"Anyone who reads the content here will definitely have a contrasting view to the Soka cult narrative. This thread is a great resource for unmasking the SGI. 

There is nothing more liberating than exiting a corrupt system. Even if one is only on the fringe, the mere connection is dangerous to your well being. 

One should remember that there are bitter members within the organization who will manipulate others as a means to make sure that the SGI cult is gaining in numbers. It seems that these members enjoy manipulating others for the sake of wielding control. 

The hierarchy based system generates a pecking order in which members can lord over others below. It's a pyramid scheme and many people attempt or succeed in getting into a position where they can bask in attention and glorification. It's the drive for being the focus of love and attention. Furthermore its a way to control those below you. 

The SGI cult is self policing through it's members who play in the Soka rat race to get to the top, so that you can be patted on the head by Ikeda. 

How wonderful, this supposedly enlightened cult operates with systems to bring out the worst in people. Through doing this, they keep members preoccupied while fleecing them of their energy, time and money. 

It's similar to watching children play on the jungle gym. They will clamor and climb over one another to get to the top position. What a way to harness people's energy towards something primitive. 

Of course with people in power at every rung of this tiered structure, there is pressure aimed downward for members to expand the organization, thus allowing one in a leadership position to rise to the next level. 

It's basically Amway or some other type of pyramid based scam. What's so pathetic is that there isn't even money to gain. The type of power that people seek in the SGI cult is power through adulation and control. 

SGI cult deals with the currency of the ego. 

Nichiren Daishonin is spinning in his grave at such a high rate of speed that it creates a noise similar to a motor running." -- Former SGI member

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