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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The cult org. and the Japanese mindset

"One of the keys to understanding specifically the gakkai cult, is to understand the Japanese mindset and way of doing things. Of course, these things exist in any culture, but they are particularly engraved in stone, pervasive and instinctively respectworthy in Nippon-koku, and by natural extension the metastasized cult org. hot spots internationally.

Cult org. pockets outside of Japan serve as instant ready made communities for multi-generational transplanted Japanese abroad. Instantaneous acceptance and trustworthiness, by mere virtue of racial background. Any Japanese ancestry is an automatic fast track through the door of the cult org. and promotion. It's not guaranteed, but it's a definite leg up over anyone else that isn't. Racial nepotism is understood with an illicit wink and a nod by all of the Japanese members and, especially, leadership in the gakkai. The whole concept of "race" in and of itself is so ignorant and, ironically, goes against everything the pseudo-buddhist cult org. is supposed to stand for at its core, that it truly exposes the org. for what it is - a superficial, hypocritical, lying, manipulative and self-serving cult. 

Nobody is ever going to come right out and say it, but non-Japanese members are pretty much regarded and treated on a different (lower) level from the Japanese members. There are token round eyes here and there, but the vast majority of them, if you look closely, have a Japanese spouse standing behind them somewhere to keep them on the proper path, lest they stray. Most are also Japanophiles to begin with, to some degree, and if they don't enter with a Japanese spouse, then they are eventually harvested one, either from the local transplanted crop or original stock back in the motherland. I could give an alphabetized listing of names of salaried leaders who either fall into these categories or eventually will (Japanese spouse pre- or post- membership / Japanese expatriate / Asian or Japanophile, with or to someday have a Japanese spouse / fortune babies to one or more Japanese parents / etc.). 

Ironically, in the motherland, the international Japanese members themselves are relegated to secondary (again lower) member status than those who never ventured abroad. There is, of course, lip service to the contrary, but the reality of it in practice keeps 100% in tune with the original mindset discussed above. 


On that same theme (Japanese mindset), it also explains the perceived justification for keeping the dear leader's current situation under wraps. He is more than likely post-stroke status (left hemisphere) and not ambulating well, but recovering. The sudden disappearance and later phantom status, for years, the gradual reappearance in only still photos (looking odd) and now, brief, staged, semi-public appearances in hardcore gakkai venues being driven around in a tri-colored mini-gakkai-mobile, where he only waves and nods to smiling members at a distance. Private health issues are just that in Japan - private. In this case, however, any public admission serves to open the cult org. up to reverse negative confirmation bias (head being split open into seven pieces and being struck down before Nikken, etc.). The cult org. is in orchestrated image spin control for the sake of its power and influence. Once again, the hypocrisy of this kind of behavior is of no concern whatsoever to the cult leadership (honesty to the membership, giving them a chance to pray for and support an ill person, etc.). 

Say one thing and do the complete opposite. It happens all the time, everywhere, but it's an instinctive mandatory mode of behavior in the cult org.. Always has been and always will be. The cult brainwashing justifies it and the inherent denial of the membership allows such a state to exist. The cult org. uses credulity to abuse and manipulate to perpetuate itself first, and do altruistic window dressing as a secondary afterthought just to keep up appearances."

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