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Friday, November 23, 2018

In reality, there is no actual proof in the Soka Gakkai

Nichiren tied an oath to the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and saved his temple from falling into the hands of Tojo Kakenobu and the Amidists: 

"...The villainous Tojo Saemon Kagenobu once hunted the deer and other animals kept by Seicho-ji, and tried to force the priests in the various lodging temples to become Nembutsu believers. At that time I pitted myself against Tojo and supported the lord of the manor. I composed a fervent oath that read, “If the two temples Kiyosumi and Futama should come into Tojo’s possession, I will discard the Lotus Sutra!” Then I tied it to the hand of the object of devotion, to which I prayed continuously. Within a year, both temples had been freed from Tojo’s grasp. Certainly Bodhisattva Space Treasury will never forget this, so how can those priests who make light of me avoid being forsaken by the heavenly gods? Hearing me say this, the more foolish of you may think that I am invoking a curse upon you. But that is not so. I am warning you simply because it would be a pity if you should fall into the hell of incessant suffering after your death." 

SGI members couldn't even save "The High Sanctuary of the Ten Thousand Years and More of the Latter Age" from the clutches of "the evil Nikken sect" with trillions of Daimoku and oaths on every SGI altar.

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