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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Some SGI financial estimates based on 1997 figures

Though SGI finances are more secretive than Shingon Buddhism, I present a best estimate. Credible reports of SGI's worth are from one hundred to two hundred billion 1997 dollars. Even interest on this is five billion dollars a year [taking the low estimate] and that doesn't include additional revenues. I am being exceedingly conservative in my estimates. Executive salaries constitute the largest percentage of administrative costs and the SGI pie chart shows administrative costs as 8% of SGI revenue. 8% of the low ball estimate of five billion dollars a year is four hundred million dollars a year and 10% [the ~ percentage of administrative costs going towards executive salaries] of that is forty million dollars. As a double check, I presented the tax returns and income from the Japanese tax office of the ~ ten most senior SGI leaders and halved it [~$200,000.00] to account for the approximately 190 junior Vice Presidents and General Directors. Two hundred thousand dollars a year times two hundred [10+ 190] SGI leaders is forty million dollars. I repeat, this is a low ball estimate based on 1997 worth, revenues, and income. The number today is more likely eighty or one hundred million dollars in executive salaries and these men do the very same job as a YMD Chapter or Territory Chief, encouraging the members, and they are not doing it under the hot Texas sun for a pat on the back.

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