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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SGI members twist their minds into a grotesque pretzel

"SGI is the bastion of anti-authoritarianism" -- Daisaku Ikeda  


"SGI is the jewel of Buddhist democracy"-- Daisaku Ikeda

The reality is that not one leader has ever been elected in the Soka Gakkai. Whenever SGI members, like the IRG group or other individuals, bring up elections, the higher level leaders, questions their faith or spins it that, “the SGI is already a Buddhist democracy, of what use are elections.” A leaders term is indefinite and the higher level leaders serve at the whim of the unelected “President”. Some leaders have been Vice General Directors, General Directors, or Vice Presidents for decades.

Yet, the members assert that Daisaku Ikeda speaks honest words, truthful words. They have to twist their minds into a grotesque pretzel to come to that conclusion. Is it brainwashing, wishful thinking, or something else?

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