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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Soka Gakkai members value superficial bits of proof

"Today, priests such as Zendo, Honen, and the others, deceive ignorant priests and lay believers by displaying magical skills, thereby destroying faith in the true teaching of the Buddha. The followers of the Shingon sect are especially guilty of stressing benefit only for today, only for this lifetime. They worship various kinds of animals in order to bring about love between male and female, or to gain property, wealth and status. They value such superficial bits of proof. If you think that their teachings are superior to other teachings because of this sort of proof, then you should know they are inferior to even the heretical teachings in India." [Letter to Hoshina Goro Taro Nyudo]

My favorite SGI superficial proof is the Chanting Grower who found a female marijuana seed or the one who overcame Bells Palsy. The latest I heard is that an SGI member just got out of jail after two and a half years. I'm sure it is a great benefit too for all the Christians, Jews, and Muslims who just got out of jail. The main thing is to have a correct faith in the Lotus Sutra and leave the prison of our own minds, don't you think?

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