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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Some Soka University of America reviews

"mel November 14, 2012 

This school is very average and to say it’s exceptional is a self-indulgent lie. One thing this school has more than enough of is PRIDE. It’s sickening. I was a student here. I watched people eat dinner, conforming and avoiding any criticism of this place. People responded like hungry wolves when one single article mentioned a tiny bit of doubt about the perfection of the school system. That’s how you spot weakness – cruel attempts to cover up your own flaws."

"greg May 6, 2012

You can tell how brainless these students are when all they do is praise the school in their reviews. What other student body would think so highly of an institution that there is no room for criticism? These people have their heads in a cloud. They want to think that the school changed their life, but if you really observe these students they are no different from how they started out. If they came in as judgemental, phony, and unimaginitive students, they most likely have left in the same fashion."

"john May 1, 2012

This school is ridiculous. The people here are brainwashed by their religious leader and forever will be. I have never seen a such a massive group of people acting like one hypnotized team of proud egotistical maniacs. They have to do everything in unison because they are too weak to go it alone. Every thought is the same although they try hard to pretend they thought of it all on their own – they just had someone to “guide” them in the “right” direction. The school is getting better now that it is not completely composed of spoiled rich kids of elitist parents. I can only hope the wiser students stay strong and show everyone else what a real education is.

Whatever the school brags about is bogus wrapped in a cute little ribbon. Even the study abroad programs are not all they are hyped up to be. Half of them are easy enough for a junior high student to get through, and everyone knows its actually a vacation for people to get wasted and say they actually accomplished something.

Whenever a professor is lacking in ability, they come in and give an excuse wrapped up in another pretty ribbon – they say it’s the student’s opportunity/responsibility to foster the way for fellow students. What a brilliant way to spend $160,000."

"brianna March 15, 2012

Soka University tries its best to stick to its motto of “fostering a steady stream of global citizens.” However, I have left this school with the realization that it does not help people to become independent thinkers. Maybe that is a symptom of all schools, but I was really disappointed with how much the students here depend on their professors. I don’t know how they would survive in another school where they have to use their own mind and the books assigned to them."


Found from another site of reviews:


If you already have a good head on your shoulders, you might feel a bit impatient here. professors here generally treat you like you don't know anything because it is often true of the students. students here really depend on professors for everything. there are many professors who have a really good reputation, and students maintain that reputation by always acting as if they are in awe at every word that is spoken in a lecture. it's all about reputation here. supposedly we value critical thinking but not many students really use it in their lives. the general sentiment here is, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it. they will take offense to deep criticisms of the school unless you fluff it up with praises and a show of appreciation."


I particularly enjoyed "John's" review above and the "critical thinking" bit in the "Tips" portion. I'd say those two, especially, are pretty accurate. -- Hitch, former SGI member and a so-called fortune baby

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