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Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Twenty Important Principles of the Lotus Sutra

  1. Giving the prophecy of enlightenment in near future to the men of the two vehicles (chap. 3)
  2. Showing (or Opening ) Buddha's original enlightenment and his immeasurable life span (chap 16)
  3. Praising that benefits that will accrue even to the fiftieth person who rejoices upon hearing of it (chap 18)
  4. Persons who merely hear the name the Lotus Sutra may attain Buddhahood in this lifetime (chap 17)
  5. Shakyamuni showing that Devadatta was his teacher in a past life (chap 12)
  6. Manjushiri showing that the eight-year-old dragon king's daughter was his student in a past life (chap 12)
  7. The promise that anyone who hears only one phrase of the LS shall attain Buddhahood (chap 10)
  8. Anyone who protects the name of the LS will receive innumerable benefits (chap 26)
  9. Women who hear the chapter of Medicine King shall never be reborn as women (chap 23)
  10. Anyone who hears, reads and recites the LS shall know neither old age nor death (chap 23)
  11. Those who carry out five practices shall get to the stage of resemblance to enlightenment (chap 19)
  12. Those who carry out the four Peaceful Practices shall get into copper-wheel in their dream (chap 14)
  13. Those who vex or trouble the practitioners of the LS will have their heads split into seven pieces (chap 26)
  14. Those who give alms to the practitioners of the LS will enjoy good fortune surpassing the ten honorific titles (chap 10)
  15. Among the sutras Shakyamuni has preached, now preach, and will preach, the LS is the most difficult to believe and the most difficult to understand. (chap 11)
  16. Offering ten similes to praise the teachings of the LS. (chap 23)
  17. Maitreya not knowing any single one of Bodhisattvas of the Earth. (chap 15)
  18. The Omen of Lotus in the east which even Manjushiri didn't understand (chap 24)
  19. Teaching major world system dust particle kalpas to bodhisattvas of the theoretical teaching. (chap 07)
  20. Giving a metaphor of numberless major world system dust particle kalpas to show the original enlightenment (chap 16)

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