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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Toda resides in the Avici Hell

“What, then, does Nichiren Daishonin say about this? He says that if we take faith in the Gohonzon, he will give us the cause for becoming rich even if we didn’t do anything for it in our past existence. Once we have this cause, we can naturally become wealthy in this lifetime. And the Daishonin will give those of us who made causes for being sickly in our past lives the causes for being perfectly healthy. This is what he will do as soon as we start to believe in the Gohonzon." -- Josei Toda

Toda's hatred of Nichiren Daishonin, the Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra, was only surpassed by his hatred and jealousy of Shakyamuni Buddha, the eternal Three Bodied Tathagata of Original Enlightenment. Toda might as well have accused Nichiren Daishonin of having weak faith for being poor, hungry and ill and Shakyamuni Buddha of great arrogance for stating, "I likewise am the father of this world." 

By denying Shakyamuni Buddha's Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin's life and teachings, Toda resides in the Avici Hell.

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