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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who bought and closed the Rick Ross Cult Education Forum?

Best guess, an agent of the Soka Gakkai, Scientology, or the Unification Church [Moonies], the three richest cults with the most to lose.



    Evidently it doesn't all work yet.

  2. "There is a possibility the posts, message archives and status approvals over the past two years will be restored, but from what the IT people say it is unlikely." --Rick Ross moderator

    Sleezy cults [like SGI] won this round but the fight has just begun.

  3. Maybe you shouldn't be associated with Rick Ross.

  4. Courts are infallible? Not according to common sense and Nichiren. Still, bringing to light the sordid side of SGI, Scientology, and the moonies was a bad thing?

    I am not affiliated in anyway with Rick Ross save as a former poster on his SGI forum.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I have only found out his change of address

  5. Rick Ross sold his domain and renamed his forum a fre weeks after he received a warning letter from the Massachusetts Attorney General concerning his involvment in the bullying-related deaths of two people in Massachusetts who were related to a woman Rick Ross's thugs had decided to target. One of Rick Ross's employees, a man named Brian Birmingham, was allowed by Rick Ross to post death- fantasies and personal location and private life details not only of people who refuse to co-operate with Ross's "dossier" researchers, but of our children and other loved ones as well.

    My daughter was targeted by the Rick Ross Institute a few weeks before being found dead in her room at UMass in 2010. Ross's employee sent threats to me, accompanied by a murder victim's obituary, because I was friendly with some of Jason Scott's friends and I challenged the smear campaigns and the death-fantasies Ross was promoting in his forum.

    Rick Ross is a convicted felon with a violent history. He employs "researchers" (stalkers) who he knows are mentally ill and he employs lawyers to protect his cult-scare business profits.

    You people should be able to see how easy it is for a sick bunch of thugs like the ones in Rick Ross's group to hide their true nature behind the mask of anti-cult activism. Their true nature is that of an organized extortion racket. They are violent.

  6. Namu Myoho renge kyo. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I'm not a fan of Rick Ross but his forum was very useful in exposing the Soka Gakkai cult.