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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

$GI Organization of Peace, Culture, Education [and Cluster Bombs?]

"This is Ikeda's message of "peace"? To invest SGI's members money in arms and weapons manufacturing companies who engage in corrupt and criminal (bribes) government weapons procurement sales globally?

Of course it is. Daddy-know-best Ikeda, feeds the masses their Illusions and fairy tales, but Ikeda knows how the real world works. If you want massive profits, you invest in weapons manufacturing and especially corrupt government sales and procurement worldwide.

What is SGI?  In Japan, the public can see what a dangerous sect they are. But in the USA? There is not enough information. SGI is not about SGI-Chanting. That is merely a smokecreen, a distraction, to keep the chanting millions from asking what is going on behind the curtain, and where their money went.

Ikeda, Gandhi, King. The farce of the Ikeda Big Lie is almost beyond comprehension. These guys look at the mass public as sheeple, who have to be fed illusions, as guys like Ikeda believe the general public can't handle the truth. So they have to tell them lies, to get them to behave the way Ikeda wants them to.

Sadly, so many in SGI-USA seemed to be totally absorbed with SGI-chanting, and trying to change their own karma, that they don't look up at SGI and wonder where their "donations" are going.

That is how its designed by SGI. Keep the masses overbooked, and self-absorbed with their own issues, and make them chant more and more, and think less. Let Ikeda do the thinking.

Meanwhile, the SGI global investment corporation is making billions from investments in corporations selling weapons of death and dealing with criminals and murderers (not hyperbole) globally.

The disconnect between reality and illusion, is really to the point of an engineered delusion." -- Anticult

Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), CONTRACTORS

Activities/Services Commercial and military helicopters, military aircraft, aircraft engines, guided missiles and defence electronics. Satellite and space systems...

* Air-Launched Rockets
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Beyond Visual Range
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Within Visual Range
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Anti-Ship
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Direct Attack
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Stand-Off And Cruise
* Analysis
* Analysis - Air-To-Air Missiles
* Analysis - Air-To-Surface Missiles
* Analysis - Automatic Grenade Launchers
* Analysis - Bombs
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Development
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Service
* Analysis - Gun Pods And Mountings
* Analysis - Guns
* Analysis - In-Service Combat Aircraft And Their Air-Launched Weapons Capabilities
* Analysis - Mines And Depth Charges
* Analysis - Rocket Launchers
* Analysis - Rockets
* Analysis - Torpedoes
* Analysis - Worldwide In-Service Combat Aircraft
* Bombs - Cluster And Dispenser Munitions
* Bombs - Precision And Guided Munitions
* Bombs - Unguided
* Contractors
* Glossary
* Guns - Integral And Mounted
* Guns - Podded Systems
* Underwater Weapons - Mines And Depth Charges
* Underwater Weapons - Torpedoes
* Underwater Weapons - Unclassified Projects " -- Anticult

No donations until SGI divests from Mitsubichi corp.

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