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Friday, May 6, 2016

You're not chanting for Greg's happiness. You're chanting for him to think like you.

Rj Peters: Wow. Once upon a time NSA was a noble and inspiring movement. We all know that. But when the Gakkai took it over, what ensued was a Schism. It became a corporate money-making political organization - not that the Hokkeko is any much better. And anyone who was there knows this. 

And Patty, you pretty much used the same format in an open note in a public forum to me as you did with Greg. For whatever your reason, you you drag perfectly good laundry into a public forum. That's not at all correct.

And I for one resent your trying to manipulate anyone. You have no right to do that; despite the perverse training you and Jim passed on to the rank and file.

We disagree. I strongly disagree with the SGI and the Hokkeko and Shu and almost all religions, be they western or eastern.

But aside from the brainwashing and conditioning that NSA pushed on all of us, the effort was more than doubled down when the SGI took over; and you know that.

The SGI makes Manchurian Candidates in all levels of society. Doctors - remember the one that allowed Bill Goldman to die without medical tests or care and told him it was just a headache? What about others who've committed suicide like Carol? Lawyers - Beverly Hills is rife with them. Actors - don't even get me started. Security professionals - I was one, many of my Shakubuku were turned against me. For what? For speaking out?

You have no right to reach out and admonish Greg for speaking his mind. None. That's not even close to being a correct practice.

South Bay Chapter brainwashed it's members and when it couldn't do that, it humiliated them or denied them access to family, friends of different beliefs and even wouldn't allow them into meetings, arranged marriages that couldn't work, made people spend thousands and thousands of their own money to support a staff of Japanese administrator's life-styles and stole people's personal identities and lumped them into a horde of zealous fanatics prowling the streets, airports and malls for inductees.

This is a public forum. Here adults speak their mind. This is not a Jewish Synagogue where dissent is trounced with humiliation tactics and mind control or the SGI where brainwashing is standard practice.

And as you've probably noticed, mind control and manipulation simply doesn't fly with freedom-of-thought loving people.

You're not chanting for Greg's happiness. You're chanting for him to think like you.


  1. the carol(karol) mentioned here was a early girlfriend of mine when we were both very young. as we both became very active in nsa/soka gakkai/sgi, they forbade us from developing our relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend. both of us being close to gmw in the early years. ywd were not allowed to associate with ymd. karol worked for gmw/nsa/sgi at the headquarters in santa monica. long story short she was sexually harassed by gmw and the upper leadership. she quit her practice in the late 70's due to the harassment . some years later she committed suicide..........just a little master/disciple ugly history.

    karol k. - namu myoho renge kyo!!!!

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  3. Hi Rich. Don't be bashful. Have your say.

  4. at karols memorial in santa monica(2007), held due to my and others suggestion, the members, all being long-time ikedabots spoke of karols greatness and how much she and her family had contributed to the early growth of nsa/sgi. however, like all cowards, when she needed them(mostly the sgi staff), they were nowhere to be found. RJ knows this. a little more history rich.