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Friday, July 15, 2016

Soka University of America or Ikeda University of Advanced Cult Indoctrination

"We are disciples of Sensei" sung to the tune, We Are The Champions.


  1. "All disciples and lay supporters of Nichiren should chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with the spirit of many in body but one in mind, transcending all differences among themselves to become as inseparable as fish and the water in which they swim."

    " 'many in body and many in mind' is a situation of utter disunity, while 'one in body and one in mind' is one controlled by group thinking in which individuality is ignored and totalitarianism ultimately results. Neither situation allows people to manifest their unique abilities."

  2. Thanks Noel, to which I'd add the scariest "one in body, one in mind" which is what SGI seems to be aiming for, you look the same, speak the same behave the same but most importantly think the same "what would Sensei do?" Total faschism - totalitarian control. Yikes!

    But it's also inherently weak and unstable in a constantly changing dependently originated phenomenal world... fortunately!

    It won't last much longer,.,it's already breaking apart. SGI just can't keep up with the times and soon it will be down past the critical mass it needs to survive, if it isn't already.

    Wonder where all the money and property assets will go...we could yet see the scandal that will finish it off quicker than anyone expected.

    Greedy people have a way of fighting over the spoils and getting carried away with to the extent they lose sight of the last traces of any restraint or reason...