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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Flowing naturally into the ocean of all-encompassing wisdom

"To uphold these men's teachings instead of the Lotus Sutra] is like exchanging a gem for a pebble or trading sandalwood for common lumber. Because Buddhism has now become thoroughly confused, the secular world has also been plunged into corruption and chaos. Buddhism is like the body and society like the shadow. When the body is crooked, so is the shadow. How fortunate that all my disciples who follow the Buddha's true intention will flow naturally into the ocean of all-encompassing wisdom! But the Buddhist scholars of our time put their faith in teachings expounded according to the people's capacity and are therefore doomed to sink into the sea of suffering."


  1. " The Buddha stated that in the latter age, monks and nuns with the hearts of dogs will be as numerous as the sands of the Ganges. By this he means that the priests and nuns of that day would be ATTACHED TO FAME AND FORTUNE .Because they wear robes and surplices, they look like ordinary priests and nuns. But in their hearts they wield a sword of distorted views, hastening here and there among their patrons and filling them with COUNTLESS LIES so as to keep them away from other priests and nuns . Thus they strive to keep their patrons to themselves and prevent other priests and nuns from coming near them , like s dog who goes to a house to be fed, but growls and springs to attack the moment another dog shows up ."- Nichiren " The Fourteen Slanders " -

    -/ SGI/NST -/ come to mind -- Their battle over patrons is as repugnant as their distorted views---


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    1. skunks marry skunks and give birth to other skunks.