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Saturday, May 6, 2017

"The children (2) were burned alive in the fire." -- Experience by Anonymous

Oh boy, where do I start. I am the first son of two boys. I just turned 48 and my brother will be 44 this year. He lives in San Jose and I live in Honolulu. My parents live down the street from me but I never go there or speak to them because of my mother. My father will be 71 this year, my mother is 75. She is from Japan. My mother joined a horrible Buddhist cult at the urging of her sister, while my father was stationed at Sasebo Naval Base in 1964. My father has been an alcoholic and heavy smoker ever since I was a baby. Although he eventually quit drinking around 1987 he continued to smoke for another 10 or so years. As you can imagine I did not have a happy family life. They argued every single night from as far back as I can remember, which would be around the age of 3 or so and continued until long after I left home at 18 to join the Air Force. I barely graduated high school and in fact dropped all remaining classes to graduate with the minimum number of credits because of the extreme tension at home. My mother always complained about my father. It's all she did all her life, complain about him, about how he wasn't a man compared to the men in the Buddhist cult. SGI-USA. Maybe some of you have heard of it or even belong to it. Used to be called NSA. Anyway, what this cult is doing to people in this country and around the world should come to the attention of every single national security and intelligence agency in the U.S. and abroad. Although it purports to be a peace loving Buddhist religious organization, it is nothing more than a self serving, publicity seeking, money hungry donation and recruitment machine. This cult has caused endless problems for this family since she joined it and only served to fuel her already unstable mental condition. She is adept at hiding her hateful bitterness to the world in front of strangers, but if you could only hear the things she says or the verbal, physical and emotional abuse I suffered with, by her hands, then you would immediately have her institutionalized in a State Mental Facility. You are fortunate to have tight knit families that take care of each other. And I applaud the self sacrificing efforts of all sons and daughters who are caring for their parents. Such a situation is unlikely to occur, in my family. My mother has told me, while sitting in front of that Buddhist alter with pure vengeance and hatred in her voice, how much she hates me. It was like the devil was right there in person. I was stomped on like a helpless puppy by her, when I was 7. When I was 15 she began withholding food from me, for not toeing the organizations' line correctly, with the correct attitude. I was viciously attacked by a very powerful Akita when I was 16 while delivering newspapers. My brother just happened to pass by and I showed him the wounds. They were clean through my arms. I guess he told my father because he came out of nowhere and my mother was right there, complaining about the situation because she wanted the car to go to a Buddhist meeting. Again, her tone was hateful and bitter. Like missing a meeting or should I say, to take care of her own child's medical emergency was no matter compared to going to a meeting, so she could get benefits. I know of a mother who during a fire, went to save the object of worship, a scroll made of paper and wood before taking into account the safety of her own children. The children (2) were burned alive in the fire. She could hear their screams as they were burning to death. I think this woman left the organization because she couldn't believe the treatment she got from it's leaders. They only urged her not to quit, but couldn't answer her questions concerning her children or what it was that made her go for that scroll and not save her children first. (Brainwashing.) Through the years I have tried in vain to be patient and absorb the attacks on my character but to no avail. Several years ago my father developed lung cancer and my mother blamed me, using my own fathers sickness, claiming that it was the power of this great organization that made my father contract this illness, claiming that because I talked bad about the religion, this is the result. It was my fault. America, my friends, be alert and vigilant. They will come knocking on your door someday or take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. I have not had contact with my family since that accusation and my own brother doesn't speak to me. I have become estranged from my father. I don't know what's going on, or what's going to happen. I communicate with my father only through e-mails, but I dare not call. He's doing O.K. but there's nothing I can do. I've wanted to get this off my chest for quite some time. And I don't mean to offend anyone.

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