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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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I was in a district in which the woman who owned the home in Brookline ma worked in this center when it was first bought so that mr Ikeda would come to it and give his famous Harvard speech.When he came he made a guest visit to my district.The only district he visited on his trip.I think I was the only one who wasn’t informed he was coming there.He didn’t come at the usual district meeting time.Everybody in my district acted like they just met a rock star.They actually renamed the district presidents district because ours was the only district he came to. When ever anyone asked me my district and said persistent district they said wow you are so fortunate.I never answered yea right.If I’m so fortunate how come my district leaders didn’t tell me he was coming.I wasn’t even allowed to go to his,talk. Apparently not enough room for me.I was suppose to spend all my time in Kikongo chanting for his success in the US.The woman who worked in the Boston research center since changed to Ikeda center divorced he husband and left.I don’t really know what happened to her but I heard she left the organization. At the time of visit I was in Kikongo with my district and the “important leaders” from japan came over and my district leader introduced one of the members who was a doctor but no one else.I was completely invisible.The organization just wanted to scout out the ones who had important jobs in society.Everyone else was a pion.It is utterly disgusting how superficial and arrogant the entire sgi is.I can tell you millions of stories.I live here and have first hand knowledge of all the phoney bullshit. Beth Zimmerman is a nice person.She used to come to my house when I just started and taught me gongyo.I don’t think she is phoney or arrogant just completely brainwashed by this cult.I have been to meetings with Virginia and had guidance with her and I think she is very superficial and uses false humility and very condescending, In my opinion the whole organization is just a scam Mr Ikeda wanted to smooze with important people to make himself look good and the organization wants to smooze with Harvard to make them self’s look good. Mr Ikeda didn’t visit Harvard. The sgi bought a building that was practically in Harvard yard and looks like it is part of Harvard.It is the most expensive property on earth that some one could buy. And the money came from members donations.People,don’t know all this stuff. Everthing the sgi does is so sneaky covert and manipulative.They show a smiley face and behind it they are completely rotten.They act like they are concerned about world peace.They spend million and millions of dollars on real estate.I heard the fncc cost 300million to build and its about 400 to visit and then members go there and thank mr Ikeda for the beautiful facility. How many mouths can these billions of dollars feed.what on earth do they do to help the world other than have intellectual talks that go no where.They live in their heads and do absolutely nothing to really help anyone. They couldn’t care less about anyone who doesn’t have a title.I wasn’t even important enough to even be informed he was coming to my district or even get a glimpse of famous Ikeda coming .Well I could go on about much more but I am nauseous even thinking about these phoney arrogant comdesending ,manipulative sleezeballs.


  1. I can add a few more details to this stunning description of the Nardella’s “ Presidents District”’story. The husband and wife bought their home for its location / a few houses away from JFK’s birthplace in Brookline MA. They hung out their SGI flag and waited for Ikeda to drop in after touring the Kennedy home where JFK was born. I moved to Boston a few years later - and was weirded out seeing the Natdella’s big SGI flag when I made my first visit to JFK’s birthplace in June 1995. I attended one meeting 5 years later and met Karen and Tony Nardella when the glow of their contrived encounter with Ikeda was wearing off and the reality of their home being a SGI tourist trap set in- . They didn’t seem to “ treasure the members “ anymore than Virginia Strauss did when she was director of the “ Peace Rrsearch Center for the 21st Century “ / now the Ikeda Dialogue Center.
    Yes, there was a lot of pompous strutting about when the center opened in prime real estate in Harvard Square the summer of 1995 when I arrived in Boston -/ but as much as a few arrogant leaders touted the huge significance of the place , Harvard pretty much ignores it-/ as do Bostonians - it is a sham , a joke. A very expensive bit of flinty PR — just like the honorary degree SGI big wigs conned U. Mass Amherst into delivering to Ikeda in Japan.
    Oh -/ the list of Boston SGI accomplishments
    ! Claimed by the Epsteiners, Olesky and other husband wife leader duos, they didn’t amount to much — and none of these “ sages “ wants to talk about the travesties that have struck Boston in their wake . It’s all about wealth, status and window dressing here and leaders who are legends in their own minds.
    ~ Katie

  2. I talked to Robert Epsteiner several times. He is a conceited bag of wind.

  3. I remember way back when I joined in England there were very few members, probably only about five hundred . I heard that Ikeda visited England in the 60s. Thinking thats nice, coming all over to England to encourage the new members which were only a handful at the time. No, He went straight to Oxford and never bothered to meet up with what must have been a small group without any difficulty. It struck me as strange later but in my hazy brainwashed mind I pushed it aside.It all made sense when I realised with more proof, Ikeda was a deep state figure ear marked to head S.G.I and do their bidding. I say was, because the likelihood he is dead now. I got someone who speaks Japanese to find out. This would not be on the internet as they are powerful enough to stop it going out to the west in another language. Again I have proof they can erase incriminating evidence which they have done with other information that backs this up. She told me there was a funeral in South Korea in 2014. Because most people do not know he was from Korea and that made perfect sense to me. I believe its a big insult for Japanese to be mistaken for those born in Korea . So this could have been why he did not let on to his members ,his true country of birth. I have a theory that he was not really Toda's right hand man and he was swopped very early on . There is only one photo as far as I know that is suppose to be him with Toda in a ceremony The rest are with him just walking by his side.A photograph easily taken. The one in the ceremony has the lower part of his face covered with a document he was reading out.It was hard to see but it did not look like him. I would be interested if anyone could supply the evidence and not just ones in an informal setting. I mean up on the stage with the big boys and not doing a fan dance.This could also explain that he was supposed to be pronounced Toda's successor in passing, while going down an elevator.