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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Intolerance and paranoia run rampant in SGI

This message was taken from a public message board on yahoo catflap1 [Gunther] (30/M/Germany) 6/9/00 5:13 am 

Hello Everyone, 

Uh this is getting more and more interesting. Great passages from the Gosho by the way. Jim, I hope you do not doubt my position aginst NS. What realy gets me going is actually not Nikken, but the people who follow him, even though their number declines. It may sound a bit sadistic but 'picture this...' (thats from Golden Girls), if i chant for him (which I do not do on a regular basis) I wonder how that might make him really furious, I guess in his mind he does not need any Daimoku anyway. 

The enemies are all around us the worst are the ones from within I guess. In the end this IS mappo, the latter days of the law, personally I do not feel any contradiction between showing compassion and taking a stand. 

Are there any more people out there who have real first hand experience with NS. I fell the whole issue is most important, as here SGI can clearly state what it stands for. In this HQ here we have studied the priesthood issue very thoroughly - to me it IS clear that NS do represent the absolute evil. It is up to us to keep the teaching pure. 

On a German Maillist it just heared that there is a Nichiren Shu priest who gives sort of a lecture on Ichinen Sanzen at EXPO 2000 in Hannover...I don't even want to get into this too much...but enemies are around us everywhere Nikken is just one of a whole bunch of them...

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