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Sunday, March 5, 2017

A horrible form of abuse.

"People are approached from the standpoint of doing something for their personal lives, and, little by little, they are told that the only way they can advance their personal lives is to advance the organization. Once you've made that connection, that advancing the organization is advancing your personal life, then they have total control over you. So, watching the people who have been abused over time and just fleeced, you know, year in and year out for money, that certainly is a horrible form of abuse."-- BBC World News, October 14th, 1995


  1. greg romeroMarch 11, 2017 at 9:40 AM
    in the late 80's i quite smoking after smoking for many years. i was a confirmed 2 pack a day marlboro man. i would quite and do well for about 3 - 4 months and would start to believe i had it licked. then something bazar would happen and i would arrogantly think is could have just one. nope, right back into it hardcore. it took me 11/2 to try three times and finally the third time i had learned i could not play with it at all. many years now and free as a bird. its a digesting habit. i think the key is how one see's themselves. are you a smoker who can't smoke? or a person who used to be a smoker but not longer is that smoke

    a late reply to mark

  2. this post is very true. not good to be captured by any cult. something to think about also is ones complicity in what they uphold and support. if it is something good for their fellow man, then it can be a cause for a better life and greater good fortune. and vise versa. sgi/nst is not the way.

  3. Not easy. Still not smoking...almost 10 months.

    1. 10 months! great. when u stop thinking about it, u may be free. it takes a long time. its been since 1985, 86... and now it just looks and smells disgusting. i think maybe two years to break the karma. cheers.

    2. apparently dirdog crap can't read either. no doubt your cock sucking of the high not priest has left you deaf, dumb and blind. u r an idiot. nichiren warned but you paid no attention. pretty pathetic. hey come the world is getting worse?

    3. dirham...coming here whining about that your life is shit and it is not going well is a waste of time. whining and crying all the time is just an embarrassment to the cult called nichiren shoshu. your daimoku and our daimoku will not help you in the least due to your slanderous heart. however, here is the good thing....according to the buddha, because of your poison drum relationship with real buddhism, sometime in future lives you will follow us. congratulation!