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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Why is Bill still a Group Chief after 15 years in the SGI?

Because he reads the Lotus Sutra and Gosho instead of the Human Revolution and World Tribune.

"You can change anything with the Soka Gakkai", the reality

1). Thirty year practice, top senior leader, married 17 years, miserable marriage yet always giving guidance on marriage and relationships. In private, always complaining.

2). Twenty five year practice, area leader, both son's doing drugs and they are in and out of jail.

3). Thirty year practice, territory leader, was top YMD leader, wanted to be a lawyer, still doing clerical work and never could finish his BA yet always giving advice on careers, financial matters, and the benefits of zaimu [contributions].

4). General member for 35 years but very into the practice. Considers himself a scholar of Nichiren's Buddhism but in 35 years has only read the Lotus Sutra one time, relying on his mentor's commentaries.

5). Salaried senior leader, son top senior leader, he too had high aspirations to become a lawyer but too many activities and no will to study. Divorced after 23 years to another top senior leader. Always lecturing about the benefits of the practice but angers easily if he is challenged on just about anything.

6). Another senior leader, morbidly obese, tons of health issues yet always giving and lecturing about the salutary benefits of the SGI practice. He continues to smoke in private, skips meals, and is addicted to fast food and Pepsi. 

Stating that "we are already Buddhas", Soka Gakkai members have become unspeakably evil persons.

SGI members ARE unspeakably evil persons according to the Nirvana Sutra because they claim that they have no need to conceive a desire for enlightenment because they are already Buddhas. This is a slander of the correct teaching. Nichiren says of such persons that "they will dream at night of demons, and their hearts will be filled with terror. The demons will say to them, 'How foolish you are, my friend! If you do not set your mind on enlightenment now, your life span will be cut short!'" So terrified, they immediately set their minds on enlightenment. Nichiren goes on, "In other words, although one might slander the correct teaching, if one is not an unspeakably evil person, one will be warned at once in a dream and will have a change of heart." -- Opening of the Eyes

Nichiren Shoshu's Fairytale of the Devil King

"But in their hearts they wield a sword of distorted views, hastening here and there among their patrons and filling them with countless lies so as to keep them away from other priests or nuns." -- Nichiren  Most amusing...I caught the Nichiren Shoshu  in another lie

I caught the Nichiren Shoshu priests in yet another lie

>It still took days of traveling for the Daishonin and the group with
> Him to arrive at the Ikegami residence in Musashi Province traveling
> slowly with Him by horseback or in a horse drawn cart due to His
> critically ill condition. They arrived there at Ikegami on Sept 19th,
> 1282 where He wrote a report of His trip to send to Hakiri Sanenaga in
> Minobu, dated on that same date. In the report, He related that He
> still planned to return to Mt Minobu from "taking the waters in
> Hitachi." But, at the bottom of the letter, He apologized that because
> He was ill, He was unable to even sign it with His own signature. Due
> to the long distance between Mt Minobu and the Ikegami residence
> (located on the outskirts of Edo, present-day Tokyo) and the time it
> would have taken anyone to travel from there to Mt Minobu and back, and
> the closeness of the Daishonin's imminent death, there was not enough
> time left to transport the Dai-Gohonzon there even if He had wanted It
> brought to Him. So, with all of the ability & (Jap.) ichinen that He
> had left in Him at that point, He inscribed what was His last Gohonzon 
> which was placed at His bedside that became His deathbed where
> He died on Oct 13th, 1282. End of story.

> References: "The Minobu Transfer Document," "Arrival at Ikegami," and
> "The Ikegami Transfer Document" Gosho(s) & the Background notes; WND
> Vol. II, pages 993, 994, and 996, respectively. 
> WorldPeace! }:<{0 

They forgot one reference, The Fairy Tale of The Devil King. Now that's a good one, Nichiren Daishonin was too weak to sign the document but not too weak to write a postscript and inscribe a signed Gohonzon. That is rich.

The Maka Shikan (Great Concentration and Insight) is not the Lotus Sutra of the Middle Days

The Soka Gakkai and Nichiren Shoshu teach that the Maka Shikan (Great Concentration and Insight) is the Lotus Sutra of the Middle Days of the Law. In fact, Nichiren clearly explains that the Maka Shikan is inferior to the Lotus Sutra and Tientai is inferior to Shakyamuni Buddha. In fact, according to Nichiren, Tientai was 42 stages below Shakyamuni in the 52 stages of Bodhisattva practice. He also teaches that the practice of Great Concentration and Insight in the Latter Day, is as useful as yesterdays calendar.

Next, with regard to the criticism that, when T’ien-t’ai came to the guideline pertaining to the observation of the mind, he set aside his earlier interpretations based on the theoretical teaching and essential teaching, what passage in the Lotus Sutra would appear to support such a conclusion, what commentary by what Buddhist teacher advocates that one set aside the teachings of the Buddha? Even if the interpretation were by T’ien-t’ai himself, if it goes against the golden words of Shakyamuni Buddha and against the Lotus Sutra, then it should under no circumstances be followed. For the Buddha himself warned that one should “rely on the Law and not upon persons,” and from the time of Nāgārjuna and T’ien-t’ai and Dengyō on, this has been the rule.

Furthermore, the point of T’ien-t’ai’s interpretation is that once the great doctrines of the theoretical teaching have been propounded, this means that the great doctrines of the sutras preached prior to the Lotus Sutra are superseded; that once the great doctrines of the essential teaching have been propounded, then the great doctrines of the theoretical teaching are superseded; and once the great doctrines of the observation of the mind have been propounded, then the great doctrines of the essential teaching are superseded. This interpretation is based on the understanding that the basic Law permeating all things is the one Law, the wonderful Law, the unfathomable, and that one carries out one’s practice on the basis of this understanding.

T’ien-t’ai in his interpretation is saying that the reason that now, in the Middle Day of the Law, the practice to be carried out is this practice of observation of the mind, is that, if one were to attempt to approach the truth through the theoretical teaching, that teaching would prove too extensive in content, and if one were to attempt to approach it through the essential teaching, that teaching would prove too lofty ever to be fully comprehended. Therefore these two approaches are not suitable to persons of shallow learning. Hence T’ien-t’ai is recommending that one simply concentrate on the observation of the mind whereby one may observe the wonderful Law within one’s own mind or inner being.

His interpretation does not in any way mean that one is to set aside the wonderful Law. If one were to set aside the wonderful Law, then what would there be to observe within one’s own mind or inner being? Should one cast aside the precious wish-granting jewel and take mere tiles and stones to be one’s treasure?

How pitiful, that the scholars of the Tendai school today, because they allow themselves to be influenced by the teachings of the Nembutsu, True Word, and Zen schools, should misinterpret T’ien-t’ai’s doctrines and commentaries, turn their backs on the Lotus Sutra, and commit the error of greatly slandering the Law!

If you assert that Great Concentration and Insight is superior to the Lotus Sutra, then you lay yourself open to a variety of objections.

Great Concentration and Insight represents a kind of personal enlightenment gained by T’ien-t’ai at his place of practice. But the Lotus Sutra represents the great Law gained by Shakyamuni Buddha at his place of practice. (This is the first objection.)

Shakyamuni is the Buddha of perfect enlightenment and complete reward. T’ien-t’ai gained a stage of enlightenment that did not reach to the first of the ten stages of security; he did not advance beyond the stage of hearing the name and words of the truth, the stage of perception and action, and the stage of resemblance to enlightenment. In terms of the fifty-two stages of bodhisattva practice, he was forty-two stages lower than Shakyamuni. (This is the second objection.)

The Lotus Sutra represents the original purpose for which Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas made their appearance in the world. Great Concentration and Insight represents a personal enlightenment for the revelation of which T’ien-t’ai made his appearance in the world. (This is the third objection.)

In the case of the Lotus Sutra, Many Treasures Buddha attested to the truth of the sutra, and all the emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha who had come to the assembly extended their long broad tongues upward to the Brahma heaven as proof of their agreement. The Lotus Sutra is the great pure Law of which Many Treasures Buddha says, “All that you have expounded is the truth!” [and the emanation Buddhas agree]. Great Concentration and Insight is simply T’ien-t’ai’s exposition of that Law. (This is the fourth objection.)

There are various other ways in which these two texts, the Lotus Sutra and Great Concentration and Insight, differ from one another, but I will omit mention of them here.

To further answer the questions posed above, with regard to the type of persons for whom the teachings were set forth, if you assert that those teachings that were intended for persons of superior capability are of greater worth, then you are saying that one should discard the true teaching and adopt the provisional teachings. That is because T’ien-t’ai stated, “The more provisional the teaching, the higher must be the stage [of those it can bring to enlightenment].”

And if you say that those teachings that were intended for persons of inferior capability are of lesser worth, then you are saying that one should discard the provisional teachings and adopt the true teaching. That is because T’ien-t’ai stated, “The truer the teaching, the lower the stage [of those it can bring to enlightenment].”

Therefore, if you say that the teaching of concentration and insight was set forth for the sake of persons of superior capability and the Lotus Sutra was set forth for the sake of persons of inferior capability, then you are saying that the teaching of concentration and insight is inferior to the Lotus Sutra because it is addressed to persons of higher capability, and that is in fact the truth of the matter.

The Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai was in a previous incarnation present among the assembly at Eagle Peak and heard the Buddha expound [the wonderful Law, which represented] the true reason for his appearance in the world. But when the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai was in the world, the time was not yet right, and therefore he did not expound the wonderful Law, but instead called his teachings concentration and insight. He was among those who had been taught and converted by the Buddha in his transient status, and therefore he did not expound the Law that had been entrusted to those taught and converted by the Buddha in his true identity. The wonderful Law, which teaches the truth outright, he expounded in an alloyed form under the name concentration and insight. It was thus not the wonderful Law just as pit is, but a kind of provisionally clothed form of the Law.

One should understand, therefore, that the type of capability of people for whom the teachings of T’ien-t’ai were intended was like one suited for the provisionally clothed perfect teaching propagated by the Buddha when he was in the world. But the capability of people who are taught and converted by the bodhisattvas who are the disciples of the Buddha in his true identity is one that can directly accept the essential teaching of the Lotus Sutra." -- Nichiren

Jesus hates bible belt hypocrites and trumptards

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